“Working with Sanni was a dream come true. As an artist first and foremost, I knew I could trust her to deliver something that would capture the amazing, raw beauty of Faroe Islands and the intimacy of our elopement with a truly unique vision.”



How do I inquire and book?

You can fill out contact form or email me: sannisiira@gmail.com


What are your prices?

Please contact me for a quote. I will provide you information based on your wedding plans.


Do you work internationally?

Yes! I have been working internationally on weddings and elopements since 2014.


Do you do elopements and non-wedding photoshoots?

Absolutely! I'm open for all kinds of photoshoots.


How many photos do you deliver?

Approximately 500-700 images for a full-day weddings. Images come digitally in a mix of colour and black & white.



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